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    Dear parents, We all have ideas of how to raise children and no person is exempt from its pressures for good or bad. We need to trust our children,if they are ever to trust themselves.Children are programmed for experience ,not self destruction Children can follow their own instincts which propel them .Remember what Maria Montessori said"Staircases are their greatest appeal,because they have in themselves an innate tendency to go upwards". The video below will make you understand the same.
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    "March of technology"

    Std1 1 to 3 classrooms were equippedwith Large Format display panels which deliver lessons at a uniform efficiency to all sections.

    Revamped the Teaching Faculty of performing arts division.Concert singers and Natya exponents were roped in to teach our children in The most traditional way .

    Structural Changes"

    The school auditorium was given an external entrance for parents and The parents' car parking area was made rain and sun proof

    "Mind games and debates" Far back we started teaching Chess as an academic discipline in the primary classes. The results are visible now and during the first semester, manyof our students won prizes in Age group competitions.Debates,recitations and oratory too produced lot of Prizes to our students.

    "Awake and Arise" Swami Vivenkanada's 150 the anniversary was marked at school by mass chanting of his exhilarating works.

    "Inter school event" Athur Srinivasan Basket ball tournament was the sports highlight of the first semester. Many schools were hosted by us.

    Guru's page

    Swami Vivekananda's greetings to all parents and children.

    Before the sun, the moon, the earth ,

    Before the stars or comets free ,

    Before the even time had its birth ,

    I was, I am , and I will be with you ,

    Message to all Children

    Our teachers have talked to both Xth and XII exam going children to be confident and complete all exams without fear and excel themselves . We request all parents to encourage them in their efforts.

    Thank you

    (to be continued)